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"Come down and enjoy our version of Surf and Turf!"

Bring the kids down to the beach Tuesday nights for a group surf lesson/session followed by some friendly beach soccer in conjunction with the head coach of the Portsmouth High School soccer team. No experience necessary and all surf equipment is included!

It is a great opportunity to get in the water in the evening and then have a run on the beach to and work on that touch you've been saying you've always had.

It’s going to be 2 hours of training, coaching, and fun you won’t want to miss!

Ages 6 - 16

Each package consists of 5 Tuesday night sessions.

Session 1 runs from June 25th until July 23rd.

Session 2 runs from July 30th until August 27th.


5:00pm - 7:00pm

​$255 per session


Each session package is 5 consecutive Tuesdays

Includes 1 hour surf lesson including wetsuit and board followed by 1 hour of beach soccer.

Call to Learn More 603-319-8207



Eric Martens, our soccer coach extraordinaire, was a stand-out player @ Keene State, before devoting himself to coaching at teaching. Coach Martens, a social studies teacher at Barrington Middle, is also the head coach at Portsmouth High School where he led them to their first winning season in Division 1. Coach Martens has worked with players as young as three all the way up to players playing at the collegiate level during his tenure at Seacoast Untied and his personal training camp. What skills he lacks in surfing, he more makes up for in player and coaching experience!  Good New’s, He’ll be learning to surf with all the players attending . . . . It’s Gonna Be FUNNNNNN!!!


With over 60 years of combined surf experience and passion, you've come to the right place.



The Staff at Summer Sessions have been coaching & teaching for more 17 seasons on the seacoast.  We pride ourselves on our surf programming, and we guarantee we’ll have you up and riding your first day!   Surfing is an amazing sport and experience, and the perfect compliment all soccer players.  It is low impact on joints and muscles, but emphasizes balance, flexibilty and strength! 

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