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Courtesy of the NH Tourism Board

Stand Up Paddleboards Portsmouth SUP New Hampshire

Ryan McGill

Ryan began surfing in New Hampshire when he was 8 years old at Rye beach. Since riding his bike in the middle of snowstorms to get some good New Hampshire winter surf, he has traveled the world searching for perfect waves. The winters have allowed him to fulfill some dreams of visiting surf destinations, enjoying new cultures and meeting great friends. Yet Ryan says, "It is hard to beat this surf community and the days when it is going off at the breaks you grew up at." Ryan graduated from Northeastern University with a BA in Finance. While interning at financial firms during college and running the surf shop in the summers, he gained good perspective on where his true interests lay. He says, "I have found where I want to be and what makes me happy ... It's a pretty good feeling. There's nothing wrong with having surfing on your mind all the time."


Ryan's surf travels include: 

Fiji, Australia, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Mainland Mexico, Baja, Costa Rica, Panama, Tortola, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, South Africa.

Stand Up Paddleboards Portsmouth SUP New Hampshire

Tyler McGill

Tyler resides in Rye during the summer months and then escapes the cold during the winter. He has surfed through most of Central and South America in his two-plus years spent south of the border, but ends up back home each spring to spend the summer in Rye at the surf shop. Tyler says, "Although I love being on the road, it is hard for me to imagine not being at home for the summer at the shop." After graduating from Connecticut College, he spent a winter teaching snowboarding in Steamboat, CO, before deciding surf beats snow. Tyler worked with The CBS Early Show, where he is a special contributor. He landed the job after accepting a bet from friends that he couldn't walk from Boston to New York in a week for Celtics playoff tickets. He completed the trek, which garnered national media attention and caught the eye of producers at CBS. His time spent with CBS was fun, but nothing beats his current lifestyle of Rye Beach in the summer and travel in winter.


Tyler's surf travels include: 

Mainland Mexico and Baja, Tortola, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, The Galapagos, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Java, Sumatra, Bali.

Stand Up Paddleboards Portsmouth SUP New Hampshire

The Staff

The staff at Summer Sessions is a fun team of hard working young adults who strive to provide the best customer service possible. Friendly, upbeat and accommodating, you'll always be in good hands whether in the Surf Shop, Surf Lessons or the Sandpiper Cafe. 

Our Coaches are CPR Certified and experienced surfers who all undergo our very own Surf Instructor Training Program that includes ocean safety and teaching techniques. 

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